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When snow moved to pay attention to what

  moving is moved, not because of the snow, and plans to make you move. Shenhe moving company reminds you to moving vehicles must pay attention before you start checking the vehicle, so as to avoid accidents in the snow.

1, tires

snow driving, high tire pressure can affect tire adhesion; tire pressure, different wheels on both sides, will also result in a spin in the braking.

recommendations before going out to check tire pressure, maintain tyre pressure on both sides the same. If there is no tire pressure gauge, contrasting pattern length wheels touching the ground on both sides.

2, windshield

Windows were covered with snow, path. After clearing the snow on the front and rear windshields, mirrors, road.

If there is no ice scraper, can start with a duster, umbrella roofs, largely snow clearance at doors, and certificates such as shoveling snow off the car. Heat, using a freezing fog melted out of the window. Rear window of snow similar to clear, to facilitate observation around the vehicle dynamics. Ignore floating roof snow, will naturally be blown down.

3, wiper

must wait after removing snow and ice on the windshield and wipers again. Otherwise, the deep snow can cause wipers does not work, even burning drive motor. Can stay after the engine to heat up, in air conditioning mode for windscreen heating, waiting for the windshield wiper naturally opened. In addition, vehicles overnight to lift wiper blades to avoid being frozen.

water temperature before normal, do not attempt to clean the windshield with glass cleaning liquid. Commercial glass cleaning liquid, even label minus, may also be frozen.

4, mist

cold air and hot air can be mist. Going out after the snow was hot air.

5, light

before cars, headlights, front and rear fog lights, brake lights, width lamps, turn signals, pair flashing must be checked. If you suddenly find steering indicator light flashes quickly, indicating a turn signal is broken, in need of repair.

brake lights, post lights can be observed through the rear-view mirror front face of the vehicle, by reflecting the confirmation. Of particular note is, even snowing during the day, and fog lights, headlight.

windshield-fog has three conditions occur-humidity, low temperature and the windshield is dirty. Engine hot air, breathing air humidity for the car, outdoor environment out wind and cold, if not clean in the windshield, it will fog.

hot windshield fog, strong winds blow in a row for about 1 minutes, temperature, integrated water vapor capacity improved windshield fog natural elimination. In addition, clean the windshield, and the inside spraying liquid soap, raising the windshield surface tension, can also eliminate the fogging.

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