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Reminder for students left school to move

  campus holiday, facing left school to move say goodbye to his classmates and teachers. In the process of moving away from school, moved to remind University students the following:

students move to remind:

1. leave school a few days ago, and think about what they take and take the record.

2. the Advisory counselors, next semester start dates, entry fees, etc.

3. the associations or members of the Student Union, the best organized a farewell party, members of her and say goodbye.

4. before leaving the school remembers his snacks, fruit and other things to eat and share, if only begins when you mean those things may have already expired metamorphic.

5. need to buy train tickets home students remember concerned tickets ahead of time, so as not to miss.

6. before I remembered to call friends, teachers, good-bye.

7. check again before you go, to see if any accept any thing. Remember to bring your student card, on the train attendant to check.

8. too much asked classmates for help, don't think the trouble at school should help each other, to the society in the future is the same.

9. too much, too far away the students of the need to take a taxi, be careful not to play black, taxi is the best choice.

graduates move to remind:

1. Remember leaving school with their teachers and classmates, roommates, beautiful campus and finally leave a shadow.

2. students with previous holiday and you shake, you probably will never see again.

3. graduation ceremony, no matter if you have no talent should last, later estimates had no chance.

4. apply for graduation-related procedures, note time to receive their diplomas.

5. for foreign students, if you want to stay in the city, find accommodation in advance.

6. lamp, books, pens, and so on can be given to boys and girls.

7. before leaving again, enjoy the beauty of the campus, go to the library, once again feeling the atmosphere of the school.

before moving and moving companies are talking about reminding

moving company to move home, the increase in the cost of innocent. Often saying on the Internet moving company charges, it is undeniable that some moving companies for their own interests, at the expense of the interests of customers. But the most important thing is, you and sharing before the moving company moving, leading to the final unknown charges.

and moving companies:

moving goods

moving goods quantity and size.

valuables or special furniture, and about the weight and volume.

number of overweight items. (Overweight refers to more than 100 kg of goods)

special handling

possibility of rubbish

whether assisting dismantling, packaging or boxes provided.

demolition and last window-type air conditioner

home terrain

site number of floors, and takes on a number of floors

there is no elevator, the elevator can accommodate large furniture

need to change to the second lift and stairs

new width of the stairs

whether there is the Atrium, a distance of about a few steps?

are there special terrain (ladder, slope, slope)

transport distances across counties

elevator handling, and will use the stair removal of the goods.

models of communication

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