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Method for college students move

  outside schools many recent college graduates begin to move, because winter vacation to do part-time jobs outside, usually easy to commute, so I chose to rent a House on the outside, but a family move is a big problem.

according to understand, now many students are no income, completely is by from home took out of which is money to maintained life, so if to took hundreds of Yuan to please a moved company certainly is are not deal, so we of students are most common of method, is find several friends, a people help took is, do bus or is Metro, moved to new home, once with not finished of next again back take some, this Ant moved of form, also can smooth moved, certainly such of moved just for temporarily in outside live of people, Because soon moved back to outside, so bring out less, usually used on the line.

such move has certain weaknesses, tossing back and forth is tired, and each time with something and not, and portable, so cost less.

such a plan among college students, there are some small apartment, or single-very practical, move the low cost, convenience and safety.

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