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How as easily and travel moved into

      is not a jifengsaoluoye kind of boldness. So even if it is moved, I was slowly prepared--sometimes a week in advance, sometimes two or three days in advance. First guess at the number of things, make clear what the move, what to throw away and what to give to others (like goldfish and pot). Then you can go to buy a packaged carton and woven bags.

moving packing process in an orderly

package is moved one of the most important projects. If we can package the classes, organized and moved to a new place of work will be very easy. Every time I move I thing can be divided into five categories: books, clothes, hats, blankets, dolls and piecemeal fashion accessories, furniture, appliances.

classify before I move in different packaging packaging:

books I usually use cardboard seal (can buy a convenience store two or three cents, every time I want to buy more than 20). Note that books cannot be packed with a big box, is the convenience of handling, and the other is easy to sort. Too big box, workers cannot move, they will not move. Pack books do the numbers work, is a statistical, finishing second, after moving, according to the numbers apart code directly on the line the shelves.

clothing shoes and hats with chest, trunk, some took the wrinkled sheets and large pieces of cloth (I collect hobbies) classified into baggage, then code in big bags. Do not direct a bunch of stuffed into bags – moving to a new home, rearrange the clothes will make you crash. And, woven bag, always felt a bit dirty, it is estimated that some move past having to wash it again (horrible birds!!)

bedding is very simple with old sheets a pack, then tie a knot can (use your least favorite sheet will do, HA HA, without any heartache. )

dolls and odds and ends moving companies will provide the kind of big, big plastic baskets without the package. Too fine things best in a bag and put them in the box. Fragile items wrapped in newspaper, with appropriate sorting boxes or carton sealing, and then put it in the box.

when moving valuable small pieces of themselves or their families to carry

gold and silver valuables there is small portable digital products such as, it is best to yourself or your family to carry. A man of a tourist package, when moving!

move all moving a list item

like picture for students, can also use a camera packed items. When you move, moving scene a man list, moved one tick the other; moved in front, another person took the same list to check. Two call at all times, hehe ... ...

after moving to the destination

one in the front of check items, one check moving items in the House.

with the heart of a tourist move, move order, moving to stay happy and at ease.

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