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Cause what causes aching after moving

  very funny ache after the move, people will ask the question why? moving company in Shenyang today to introduce the reason for sore after moving what is it?

physical removal is a total body exercise, if it does move on foot is a great physical activity. If too many things, and reluctant movers to move, then the move will increase the number of, physical "abuse" are possible.

finished the move this "movement", the ache is inevitable.

causes of sore after moving.

after a large amount of activity, or a longer interval is not exercise, have just started exercising, muscle soreness often occur. This muscle soreness is not immediately after the campaign is over, instead it is 1-2 days after the campaign ended, so called delayed onset pain.

the move, delayed muscle soreness after exercise because of muscle activity during exercise-induced local muscle fibers and connective tissue of minor injuries, and some caused by spasm of the muscle fiber. Because of this minor injuries and spasms of muscles fibers are local, so in terms of whole muscle, can still finish the movement, but there is pain. After the pain, after partial repair of minor damage within the muscle, muscles become stronger, likewise load will no longer occur after injuries (soreness).

pain after moving.

1. to heat the sore muscle, improve blood circulation and metabolic processes, contribute to damaged tissue repair and relief of spasm;

2. aching parts of static stretching exercises, keep stretching for 2 minutes, then rest for 1 minute and repeat, do the stretching exercises help relieve cramps a few times a day;

3. local massage of sore, muscle relaxation, promote muscle blood circulation, helps repair and spasm relief;

4. oral vitamin c can help to accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the connective tissue of damaged tissue repair and ease pain. Small Tip: move requires a lot of manual labor, if something is too much, too much, simple and not yourself. Call some friends and relatives to come and help as much as possible, when working friends can't come, list of moving companies is also a very good choice, after all, for moving them more than we know and understand.

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