Service tenet

company since established yilai insisted "service, and user satisfaction" of business concept, keep let customer quality assured, and service heart, and handling worry, and convenient and the   Shi of best moved Field Service, in to reputation won customer, seeking quality development enterprise of guidelines .   "punctuality and trustworthy, and civilization shipment, and service, and constantly meet customer needs" for quality approach, and has always followed "wholeheartedly serving, moved for people, reputation first, user first, Striving for unity and cooperation, "business purposes. All employees trained to ensure qualified posts prior to post. Shenyang transportation services limited has moved to a strict over the years, passion, perfection, high quality, professional service has won wide public acclaim.

Shenyang transport moving services limited, regulations respecting reasonable charges are reasonable, the customer satisfaction.

BA does not:

1, do not accept tips

2, do not charge the customer a cigarette

3, not customer dinners

4, does not damage the customer

5, does not take clients stitch

6, article

7, do not quarrel with a customer

8, does not play.


1, arrive to customer satisfaction.

2, loading and unloading trucks, and large in place, so that customer satisfaction.

Chapter 3, respect rational, reasonable charges and customer satisfaction.

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