Employment many students choose moving company

  today's employment situation is not optimistic, the State is also thought a lot about policies to address employment issues, current employment is difficult to ease in a short time, following the College student's choice would be a sensible and practical options:

moved company of students graduated 3 months has, always no out find task, because in previous years of financial storm effect, home in previous years spending also less of unfortunately, dad said in home I also do can't what, while years Qian out find task will find some, but out yihou, is not like home wants to of so find, also has many of enterprise beginning layoffs, talent market not know run has how many back, money spent has many, find of thing are is some mess of thing, originally I on-the-job designed is learn network professional of, They took me to the General workers, went out crabbing, really mad, doing a general workers are so hard!

real is find not to task, didn't method, work, I with he call, wants to asked about insight, he notification I said, in previous years are has many of enterprise are opened has, find is somewhat not find, if I can to to moved company work words, he with boss compared cooked, see can with I dominated a thing, or you today on indirect came, I with you to see boss, said sentence real words, I is dream are no thought to to Shanghai moved company work, I know we there has many of people in side do Porter, compared pleasure.

now at this point, I really don't know what to do, not to go home like this, I had to bring home a lot of drag, seemed only to see my body long comparison tall (I think), there are many peers were doing outside the Porter, I think I can do that. The next day, my car to leave the ants moving the company's headquarters in Shanghai, South longhua Minzhi Rd village under sand, saw rows of yellow cars, I was dumbfounded and at home I have never seen so many trucks together, also lined up movers, look out, is out of the car.

he took me out of the Office, I was a middle-aged man who more than 30 years, looks exactly like his home village to farm it makes no difference, a look at the clown is someone who is honest, my uncle informed me that this is the Ant moving company Manager in Shanghai, imagine the difference with me, I always thought in my hometown Manager should suit like a TV outside of Hong Kong.

managers ask what some expertise, I actually notice him I learnt at school Internet professional, saw him as seen in the new world as saying: the network is OK, let's talent company, then turn off the computer, showed me a Web page, namely Shanghai ants moving company's Web site, asked me this site and I will do it. Saying real words, do this it's too simple, because I am studying Web design at school is important. He also informed me that the problem is not to do a website, advertising is important to me, is to do online advertising this in the school learned a bit, then is not a teacher teach, is a common sense between classmates, I looked at the industries in Wuhan moving company prices the crux of the word, is actually very simple. Really unexpectedly, factory companies useless, incredibly moving company in Shanghai to be able to practise their skills!

college students to join the moving industry is an unbelievable things in the past, but given the current employment environment, such a choice is understandable, after all, life will go on. Moving companies are now developing quickly, you need lots of people to join, is also a good choice for employment.

Chu town, luozhuang district, linyi city Lanshan primary school, old school become a dangerous, new classroom building was completed but not yet in use. More than 300 students scattered in the nearby elementary schools, houses and old buildings in the class, with 56 students in grade five 1.5 years changed three times.

20th 9:35 A.M., comes as LAN Shan primary school during the day, played on the open space on campus. A new school building stands on the north side of campus, and in front of the building a row of old red-brick classroom contrasts.

the new school building is divided into three layers, the main projects have been completed, but the door closed. Guided by students from a side door into the building. Corridor into a temporary Office on the first floor, teachers here on the desks and chairs, desk with textbooks, exercise books, chalk and so on. Through the window, you can see the Blackboard in the classroom, lights, fan, equipped with new. Building on the West side of shelves, books were readily available in the reading room.

a new school building, grade five classrooms in the old tile-roofed house, within the classroom is dark, no lights, many glass Windows have been broken. Students told they have moved home three times, now, buildings have been set, in "guerrilla warfare".

"this room was used for storage of building materials, 56 students in grade five years ago at the rented houses class, years later, villagers to flip a new House, back House, winter holiday classes after school students everywhere, had to move back to this old classroom. "Five first-grade teacher Zhao Yong Bo said.

according to reports, LAN Shan primary school has more than 300 students from grade one to grade six, and a total of six classes. New 2010 summer vacation began after the construction of the teaching building, second grade, third grade, four grades, class four, grade five was placed in a neighboring village in zhuzhuang primary school, grade one and grade six students at the Lanshan village Committee and village school. The summer of 2011, was transferred to Zhu Zhuang elementary school grade six and grade are transferred to the village school.

many parents said the new school building was built, but let students go "guerrilla war", will affect the children.

Lanshan tancheng county primary school was dilapidated housing renovation project last year Chu luozhuang district town was placed under. New teaching building of the main part of the project and the interior decoration was completed years ago, tancheng County they are contacting quality supervision departments to acceptance of the new school building. Coupled with the necessary engineering construction is expected after a month, students can move into the new classrooms.

from the second, who graduated from these two days were busy moving Zhao Xiaona classmates told, heard that shige will choose not to buy in previous years information on checked baggage, but the result didn't save a penny, also often met with drivers of "bad" service, "a computer or something, people would rather ' weight loss will not give you a hand."

Cortana says, many students found in the same class, the same people often are directed to the same community or neighbouring communities to move, so we hold try idea contact the moving company, "unexpectedly, they heard that a good time will agree. ”

Cortana from the East ring outside the space of the school moved to the West third ring road near the bridge, about 40 km away in her "fight" on moving to chaoyangmen and ten in two students, moving companies offer is 300 yuan.

"it's cheaper than we find moving companies by more than half! And doesn't have to do it yourself. "Cortana said.

some colleges and universities also found that search "make friends", and a minority.

business moving company agreed with

car moving substantial amount of people this year, an average of three or four students in a week to make an appointment.

graduates rarely used to find them moved, but suddenly this year to make an appointment. "Busy, received 10 or so a day reservation, about carpooling. "Mr Lam said.

"one single loading does not bargain car can save half for money! "Even the moving companies on the" carpool "endorsed the move.

the afternoon of January 7, came to the 18th, Northwest Normal University, blue day, students who are moving about, because they live in apartment buildings occur Foundation sinks, stairs leaning that morning, students receiving notice from the school, moved out as soon as possible, switch to another dormitory.

see apartment 18th floor South, 8-storey main building and a 4-storey building next to have a 3 cm-wide crack, crack up and the greater width. Downstairs, you can clearly see, building an entire building and comprises a 5-storey building above appear to tilt both ways.

and went into the apartment, 4/f, a 10 cm wide cracks suddenly appear in the corridor, through the cracks can even see across the scene. Living in one of the stories told, about 4 days ago, here came a 1 wide cracks and cracks in the ever-widening every day. The past few days, in order to prove whether the cracks continue to expand, some students had put up a piece of paper between the cracks, and the next day they found pasted paper is torn, students immediately reflect the matter to the school.

next to the crack inside a dormitory balcony, found the iron railing on the balcony have been inclined, Rails sites there have been embedded in the wall rail cracked and peeling wall.

interviews, live in the main dormitory of one of the students told, dormitory management said cracks were caused by the building Foundation subsidence, so building there is no security problem, but have lived in the main building of the students looked for deformation of balcony, is also worrying.

property is in the process of solving

cracks in the floor, mainly because under upstairs next to the main building, and this building is the main building was built as a dormitory floor stamping. Last year, due to school students nervous, was temporarily used as a student dormitory. Following the discovery of cracks, schools have arranged under 54 students moved to other dormitories upstairs went about currently is addressing their cracked apartment building.

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