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Shenyang, Shenyang transportation relocation services limited is a professional moving relocation companies, company has been the superior government departments gave Shenyang industry unit, move the transport industry standard unit and five-star enterprise, foreign labor management Advanced Unit, specified by the Foreign Affairs Office of foreign missions, and the transport services in the enterprise. Company's main local moving, long distance moving, enterprises moving, Shenyang, Shenyang move moving company, moving company, moving company in Shenyang, Shenyang, Shenyang the long price moving, long distance moving company, moving company in Shenyang, Shenyang which good fast small games, packaging, air conditioning, furniture disassembly and urban logistics distribution and other projects. Seriously is the employees to have a high sense of responsibility and initiative, dedicated to meet the customer demand. Professional staff to have professional accomplishment through learning, training and development to enhance knowledge, professionalism, and provides professional services to customers, create professional corporate image. Professionalism is first and foremost a State of mind, next is an attitude.

services: moving, moving, moving the piano, Office moving, long distance moving and shipping. Run long-distance transportation business, furniture for free package. Mechanical hoisting and lifting, shifting, positioning and removal from a height. Dismantle air conditioners and air conditioning refrigerants, cleaning, disassembly the water heater. Sewer dredging, Assembly of all kinds of furniture and home decoration. Relocation services to undertake long short in Guangdong Province, move, moving, Office moving, unloading containers, moving the piano services; hoisting services undertake all types of mechanical lifting, movement and positioning; truck rental-long short-distance transport, cargo loading and unloading, sorting warehouse. Cleaning services undertake major home cleaning and Office floor waxing, polishing, carpet cleaning, clear water road service; air conditioning installation professional massage services in XI ' an air conditioning mechanic, mainly to take homes, factories, office buildings air conditioning installation, repair, cleaning, and snow, and maintenance; thrift recycling services recycling all types of old furniture and household appliances, factory waste and so on.


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